Convicted sex offender called himself a ‘paedo hunter’ as he stamped on innocent financial adviser


Jamie Forster (pictured), 21, tripped Mark Liebert, 58, when he was on his morning run along Bridgewater Canal in Brooklands near Sale, Greater Manchester

A sex offender who called himself a ‘paedo hunter’ as he stamped on the head of an innocent financial adviser has been jailed for 12 years.

Jamie Forster, 21, tripped jogger Mark Liebert, 58, on Bridgewater Canal in Brooklands near Sale, Greater Manchester.

The thug falsely called Mr Liebert a ‘f***ing nonce’ and stamped on his face up to ten times as the victim lay on the ground.

Witnesses rushed to save the victim but Forster, who had been drinking and taking drugs after his girlfriend miscarried, boasted of being a ‘paedophile hunter’ before re-enacting the beating.

Mr Liebert, who gives mortgage advice to house hunters for a finance firm in Manchester, suffered a fractured eye socket plus a bleed on the front and back of his brain, as well as a broken elbow and severe swelling to his face.

In a statement to police he said: ‘I spent a considerable amount of time in hospital following the attack as a result of my severe injuries.

‘I have difficulties with a fractured eye socket which has swollen and sank when I received treatment for it.

‘Before I was released from hospital I had a number of cognitive tests. After the attack I have to return to hospital for numerous appointments and was concerned I would no longer be able to work as a financial adviser.

The thug (left) falsely called Mr Liebert (right) a 'f***ing nonce' and stamped on his face up to ten times as the victim lay on the ground

Pictured: Mr Liebert

The thug (left) falsely called Mr Liebert (right) a ‘f***ing nonce’ and stamped on his face up to ten times as the victim lay on the ground

‘I have lost confidence, am in fear and look over my shoulder. There have been negative impacts on my family who have to look after me at home.

‘I had to take three months off work and my driving licence has been suspended – my family now have to drive me around.’

Forster had been on bail when he assaulted Mr Liebert following an unrelated machete attack on a man outside a takeaway.

He was also convicted of sexual assault in 2017 for hitting a female jogger over the head and making sexual advances towards her.

Forster was today jailed for 12 years at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, after a judge branded him a ‘dangerous offender’.

The court heard the 8.45am incident took place on September 14 when Mr Liebert had been jogging alongside the canal.

Michael Blakey prosecuting said: ‘He remembers the defendant coming towards him aggressively asking him if he was a paedophile before tripping him up, which caused him significant injuries.

‘The attack was seen by a witness who heard shouting and saw a man on the floor. She saw this defendant stamping on his victim while calling him a ”f***ing nonce”.

At Minshull Street Crown Court (pictured), Manchester, Forster was jailed for 12 years after a judge branded him a 'dangerous offender'

At Minshull Street Crown Court (pictured), Manchester, Forster was jailed for 12 years after a judge branded him a ‘dangerous offender’

‘They said the victim was stamped on ”really hard” around 10 times and was motionless at one point.

‘They went to help the victim and saw he had swelling on his head and was concussed.

‘The victim was called a paedophile but there is no allegation against this man. In fact he was innocent and was only out taking his regular exercise.

‘The defendant’s aggressive behaviour attracted the attention of more members of the public who saw the defendant and thought he had been drinking or taking drugs.

‘The defendant said ”I’m a f***ing paedo hunter” and carried out a re-enactment of the incident after it happened.

‘The victim had extensive facial swelling on his right eye, a haemorrhage, a 1 cm laceration and his right eye was bleeding.

‘He also had nasal swelling, a nose bleed, a laceration on his lower lip and his right elbow was swollen and bruised.

‘He also had three bleeds to the brain, possible bleeding in between his brain and skull and a possible fracture to his eye socket. He was taken to Salford Royal Hospital for treatment.’

Forster, from Sale, was arrested on September 16 but gave ‘no comment’ in interview.

He admitted wounding with intent to causing grievous bodily harm, possession of an offensive weapon and causing GBH.

Following his release from jail he will be on licence until 2034 under the terms of an extended sentence.

In mitigation his lawyer Paul Hodgkinson said his client had been severely affected when he was placed into care by his stepfather when his mother was on holiday.

He added: ‘It is clear his mother chose the wishes and feelings of his stepfather over and above those of her own child and it is right to say his criminality started as a result of this. I accept this offers him no excuse but does put his behaviour into context.

‘There are two sides to him. He is in a positive, stable relationship but is also negatively influenced by his friends and peer group.

‘This offending took place in a two month period following his grandmother’s death.

‘She is the only person who showed him any love when he was a child.. Sadly his partner also suffered a miscarriage shortly before the offence and is affected the defendant badly. He turned to drinking alcohol and taking drugs and his anger issues poured out.

‘He accepts he has anger issues when in drink. He has learning difficulties and difficulties with speech and memory.

‘ADHD is suspected but there is no diagnosis. He is an immature person who has had a terrible upbringing.’

Sentencing Judge John Potter told Forster he had engaged in ‘mindless and sickening violence’.

He said: ‘Your willingness to resort to extreme violence without provocation is disturbing, particularly for an offender who is still young. I have no doubt whatsoever that you are currently a very dangerous young man.’

‘This man posed no threat to anyone at all yet you called him a derogatory name and tripped him up.

‘He fell to the floor and as he lay on the ground you launched a quite sickening attack on him.

‘People nearby were disgusted with the ferocity of the attack they were seeing.

‘But you stayed nearby as others came to assist and you explained to them you were a ”f***ing paedo hunter” and acted out in a macabre manner what you had just done for effect.

‘The fact is this man had nothing to do with sexual offending towards children and this was just a gratuitous and violent attack on him.’

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