Get the Ring Door View Cam for half-price in Amazon Prime Day sale 2020


You can currently get the Ring Door View Cam with built in HD video and two-way-talk for less than £60 in Amazon’s Prime Day sale

There are some fantastic discounts to be found on the latest tech gadgets this Amazon Prime Day 2020. If you’ve been toying with investing in some smart home security but are not sure where to start, then why not invest in the top-rated wireless doorbell camera from Ring? 

The Ring Door View Cam is now an impressive 50 per cent off on Amazon – reduced to a very enticing £59. With over 1,200 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, it comes highly recommended from shoppers and is an affordable way to jump into the smart home security scene. 

A video doorbell is the latest way to protect your home, allowing you to screen you visitors and see who’s knocking even when you’re not in. 

The Ring Door View Cam replaces your peep hole with a HD video and Two-Way Talk so you’ll always know who’s knocking – plus, it’s now half-price on Amazon

By replacing your existing peephole with Ring’s 1080p HD Door View Cam, you will be able to see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere. 

This is a particularly handy option for those that live in apartments or that don’t want to drill holes as it can be easily installed. Simply unscrew and remove the existing peephole on your door with the included tool. Then add in the new camera and follow the app to complete the set up. 

After installing you’ll always know who’s knocking. You get notified through your phone, tablet or PC when anyone knocks on your door, presses the doorbell button or triggers the motion sensors. 

Unlike its rivals, the Ring Door View Cam is a simple solution to monitoring your home. It takes just minutes to set up, is wireless, and is certainly cheaper than a lot of other home security cameras.

Plus, it has a motion sensor that means you’ll be alerted even when someone knocks instead of ringing the door bell. If you live on a busy street ,however, shoppers recommend turning the motion sensor off so you don’t get alerted by people walking past your door.  

A first line of defense for home owners, the device gives you peace of mind even when you’re not at home. Even better, you can pair it with Amazon Echo devices for hands-free alerts. Win-win. 

Sleek and compact, the device is wire-free and installs in minutes - no drilling needed

The Ring Door View Cam lets you see who's at your door wherever you are

Always know who’s there with the Ring video doorbell, which comes complete with HD video, two-way talk and motion-activated notifications

Over 70 per cent of Amazon reviewers have awarded the Ring Door View Cam the full five-stars. 

One five-star review read: ‘I am so glad that I bought this Ring View Door Cam, the picture is so clear and depending on background noise, the sound is excellent, the motion detection is awesome.’

Another shopper added: ‘I found this doorbell easy to install as you just unscrew your existing peephole and replace it with this camera instead. 

‘You can still see through the peephole too which is good. This picks up motion really well. The picture quality is amazing even in night mode. 

‘I have found this doorbell a godsend as when I have been out I have been able to instruct a delivery driver where to leave my package by talking to him through my doorbell.’

A customer wrote: ‘I’m blown away by how accurate and high quality it is. Installation took 5 mins and was a breeze to set up, motion detection is awesome and both day and night vision quality are superb. A must have for added peace of mind.’

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