‘Made in Pakistan’ drones to fight locust swarms


ISLAMABAD – The National Radio Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) added another feather to its cap by developing drones to fight swarms of locusts that have invaded agriculture fields in several districts of the country, posing threats to food security.

The state-run telecommunication manufacturing company said the indigenously made drones will be used to spray insecticides and pesticides on fields in the country.

The NRTC said that ‘Made in Pakistan’ drones will be available in markets across the country at a very low cost for farmers.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was also briefed by NRTC about the drones to control locust swarms, which are believed to enter Balochistan from Iran.

On Monday, Imran Khan inaugurated the facility of country’s first-ever indigenously made ventilators at NRTC in Haripur.

The prime minister opened the project of local manufacturing of portable ventilators named ‘SafeVent SP100’, having the FDA/CE approval as economical and reliable ventilator in terms of usage and safety.

Terming the occasion as ‘landmark achievement’, he said abundant talent in the country could help gain self-reliance in technological innovation and vowed the government’s strong support to such initiatives.

The premier commended the initiative of NRTC team and the Ministry of Science and Technology for successfully producing locally-made ventilators.

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